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Alphabet learning machine development program

Letter Learning Machine Development Program


1. Understand the causal relationship of things, improve kid’s logical thinking 

2. Graphics learning, enhance the graphics recognition for kids

3. Play more interesting music, learning to play the notes and enhance the kids’ music ascending 

4. Bilingual in English and Chinese learning, enrich and promote the kids’ voice learning

5. The recognition of a variety of biological knowledge improve exploration of nature for kids 

6. Learning to play the notes, learning a language, improve the children’s attention

Plan Details

Letter Learning Machine

Function Introduction:

This is a smart toy for children over 3 years old. It can develop children's language learning ability and help them learn letters, words and colors.

Support 2 to 8 game modes;

Support multiple language versions;

Each key has LED light under it, and the children can give a prompt if they answer wrong.

Multi-color buttons can teach children different colors at the same time.

Each letter is accompanied by simple words and music.

Designing Ideas

The SNC81000S series is a four-channel speech synthesis chip with a push-pull direct push circuit. With a powerful 8-bit controller and 24 I/O ports, it can support 16 direct single touch or 15 multi-touch functions. In addition to the memory of IC itself, it also supports external SPI flash, so rich content can be stored.

By programming the controller, the user's different applications, including voice part combinations, key triggers, output controls, and other gaming functions, can be easily implemented.


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