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Electric Sucking Blackhead Instrument

1. Model: TLX-42
2. net weight: 119g;
3. gear: third gear;
4. battery capacity: 400mAh;
5. material: ABS plastic +PC;

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The principle of instrumentation is:

Cupping and scraping/blackhead suction apparatus operates with one key, adjustable three-stop force and high suction, which can meet the different needs of the skin. The vacuum negative pressure method is used to keep the black head from being left. The vacuum negative pressure suction technology is used to reduce the pressure inside the suction head, so as to effectively suck out the pore garbage such as blackheads and excess oil in the pores.

The functions of the instrument are as follows:

1. Ellipse suction tight to reduce fine lines.

2. Big openings, suction head, cupping, scraping and so on, detoxify and dispel dampness.

3. Microcrystal suction head, exfoliating. Go to dead skin, do not hurt the skin.

4. Big round hole suction head, easy to absorb black head, pulling tight.

5. Use hot towels for 5 minutes to open the skin pores.

6. Choose the suction head that suits your needs, touch the skin from top to bottom and move slowly. Do not pull the skin. Do not stay longer than 2 seconds (for example, the skin is prone to red and purple).

7. After cold care, wash your face with cold water or apply a refrigerated mask to shrink pores. Then apply the pore moisturizing essence. The skin is tender and beautiful.

One button is turned on and the machine is shut down, and the three stalls are increased sequentially. A package of 50, a white English gift box.

Function Description:

1. cupping massage;

2. suction black head;

3. improve acne;

4. pulling tight;

5. reduce oil and fat;

6. desalination fine lines;

Details determine quality: 

1. High-quality ABS materials: care for sensitive skin, comfortable feel, no smell, beautiful and generous.

2. Adjustable suction size: one button manipulation, according to personal skin needs 3 grades can be switched freely;

3. Wireless operation: USB interface, energy saving and environmental protection, easily charging at anytime and anywhere;

4. Replaceable hairdressing head can replace hairdressing heads with different functions according to skin needs.

5. Compact and portable: light weight, size of a notepad, portable.

Product Description:

1. Replaceable hairdressing head.

2. Gear display, long press switch off, power switch, gear switch.

3. USB charging port

Product parameters:

1. Model: TLX-42

2. net weight: 119g;

3. gear: third gear;

4. battery capacity: 400mAh;

5. material: ABS plastic +PC;

6. input: 5v/0.5A;

7. product size: L 178*W 41.5*H 39mm;

The steps of changing the filter cotton core are: pull out the suction head, rotate the sealing cover, and replace the filter cotton directly.


With the use of blackhead derivative liquid and other products, apply the derivative liquid to the cotton pad, stick it to the nose wing for about 5 minutes, and then use the big round head to suck the blackhead.

Suitable location:

1. Microcrystalline head: In addition to the corners of the eye, any part can also be used on rough and fine lines of skin such as elbows and knees;

2. Large round hole beauty head: except for any part of the face other than the eye.

3. Small round hole beauty head: for fragile skin like eyes, it can also be used in other parts of the face.

4. Oval hole beauty head: used in the corner of the eye, nose, mouth and other parts, also can be used for the neck and other parts;

5. Trumpet-shaped suction head: for large areas of flat body, such as shoulders, back, buttocks, etc., can be used for massage and cupping, relax the body and mind.

Q:What is the effect of this blackhead instrument?

A:The effect is different from everyone's condition. It seems that everyone's skin condition is determined.

Q:What is your minimum order quantity?


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