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Warm and Chill Ion Cosmetic Instrument

1. Model: TLX-44
2. Temperature range: 6+42 degree;
3. Charge input: 5V 280MA;
4. Vibration frequency: 8000 times;
5. Power: 9W;

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What is the vibration cool and hot beauty instrument?

Vibration Cosmetology Instrument is a kind of cold and hot two-sided (6 degrees) heat (42 degrees) with vibration function. It can alternately use shrinking pores to promote blood circulation, clean the skin, export dirty things, introduce cosmetic liquid, tighten the skin, moisturize the bright complexion, eliminate dark circles of the eyes, and do facial skin movement to alleviate fatigue. Capacity instrument.

What are the characteristics of the vibration cool and hot beauty instrument?

1. Hot and cold care with 36 degrees difference in temperature between one side cold plate (6 degrees) and one side hot plate (42 degrees) can be operated alternately at the same time.

2. LCD blue light is "cold" state, LCD red light is "hot" state.

3. The fashion is simple and generous, and the feeling on the face is very cool and comfortable in summer. The sense of winter used on the face is warm.

4. When the temperature reaches 42 degrees or 6 degrees, the cooling holes will emit cool air or hot air respectively.

5. Rechargeable type, can be accompanied with, want to use.

6. Automatic power off function, the state of power will be turned off automatically after 5 minutes.

What is the effect of the vibrating cold and hot beauty instrument?

The effect can be achieved at around 6 degrees:

1.It helps to keep skin tight, keep elasticity and prevent allergies.

2.Shrink pores, lock moisture, reduce wrinkles;

3. It can relieve muscle aches and pains, alleviate skin fatigue, relieve skin tightness, relieve skin redness, swelling and pain, and resist acne recurrence.

The effect can be achieved at around 42 degrees:

1.One is warm and warm, which makes people feel warm and comfortable. It helps to relax the muscles and balance the pain and ache.

2. Stimulate blood circulation to accelerate, so that pores open, can help the skin quickly into a variety of skin care products, so that the skin double absorption. Make skin more elastic and moist.

3. Apply a cotton pad, deep cleansing, can better export facial toxins, blackheads, dirt.

The effect that vibration can produce:

Relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation and speed up metabolism.

Three kinds of magic to solve all the problems on the face:

Thermal care: relax the skin, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, discharge toxins, enhance cell vitality;

Cold care: shrink pores, tighten skin, lock moisture, smooth wrinkles and crow's feet;

Sound vibration: relieve eye fatigue, relieve stress, refresh your mind and improve skin subhealth.

Three magic:

NO.1 thermal care magic

1. Using thermal nursing introduction, open pores, promote blood circulation, relax muscles and expel toxins.

2. Using thermal nursing import, open pores and the effect of warm skin on skin

3. Constant temperature of 40-45 degrees of warm function, can quickly open pores to discharge dirt, accelerate the absorption of nutrition, speed up the speed of sound care massage skin, fade pigment;

4. There are still many residues on the face of traditional beauty apparatus.

5. Traditional hand pat: the deep toxin of the skin can not be expelled.

Cold and hot ion beauty instrument: deep cleaning to export black dirt.

NO.2 cold care magic

1. Quickly shrink pores, tighten skin contour, lock moisture and nutrition, and make skin skin care elasticity.

2. Using thermal nursing import, open pores and the effect of cold on skin

3. 5-10 degrees of cold can quickly cool the skin, pave the way for further maintenance and repair of the skin, effectively lock the skin nutrients and moisture, make the skin become tight, delicate and elastic.

NO.3 acoustic vibration massage

1. 8 million times per minute frequency of vibration ion introduction, so that essence directly to the skin, promote skin microcirculation, skin appears younger.

2. The effect of sonic vibration on skin: Vibration breaks through the lymphatic circulation of the face at the bottom of the skin, shatters pore clogs, and massages with 42 degrees of hyperthermia, accelerates blood circulation, increases skin metabolism, promotes waste toxin discharge, lightens spots, and improves skin color.

3. The skin "nutrition department is good" only suck and absorb too badly.

4. For skin care products, skin absorbs 15%, air evaporates / stays on surface 85%

Collocation is better.

Essence: Apply the essence evenly and use the importer for 3-7 minutes. The skin moisturization and compactness are improved significantly.

Mask: after applying the mask, the essence of the mask is absorbed after 5 minutes massage by the importing instrument.

Cream: apply the cream evenly to the face and probe. After 7 minutes, the skin will be doubly bright and moist.

Product parameters:

1. Model: TLX-44

2. Temperature range: 6+42 degree;

3. Charge input: 5V 280MA;

4. Vibration frequency: 8000 times;

5. Power: 9W;

6. Host size: 164*52.7*47.8mm;

7. Product weight: 123g;

Usage method:

Eye care:

With eye essence, cold and hot alternating massage. Each eye is 30 seconds cold, 30 seconds hot, alternating massage for 3 minutes. If you choose the massage point, you can massage the eye points. ;

Skin tension and tighten

1. Massage with facial essence for 5 minutes.

2, cold and hot 2 minutes alternately, massage face skin according to pulling manipulation, alternating 5-6 times.

Daily Relief Massage: no need to add skin care products, start shaking, alternating cold and hot massage.

Q:Is your sound safe?

A:Yes, it is just a very small sound wave, it only acts on small objects, and does not cause harm to the human body.

Q:Are you Chinese factories?


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