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Wireless Charging Cosmetic Mirror Table Lamp

1. Model: TLX-46
2. Product weight: 910g;
3. Working temperature: -10-+50 degree
4. Power supply: DC5V 2A;
5. Material: ABS+ baking paint.

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LED cosmetic mirror lamp turn over double mirror, mobile phone wireless charging multifunctional Princess belt lamp beauty mirror

Product Parameter

1. Model: TLX-46

2. Product weight: 910g;

3. Working temperature: -10-+50 degree

4. Power supply: DC5V 2A;

5. Material: ABS+ baking paint.

6. Color temperature range: natural light 14000K, warm color 4500K;

7. Product size: 15mm*175mm*210mm

Practical function:

1. 360 degree rotating mirror.

2. Double sided mirror, double light.

3. Mobile phone wireless charging;

4. Three times magnification;

5. It can be used as desk lamp.

6. Items that can be collected;

A lighter makeup mirror than sunlight helps you make up easier, cleans your skin better, refuses to be dragged down by the dark environment, and has a star-like tough makeup room at home. With it, it will never go out until it is found that the foundation is rubbed and the Eyeshadow is heavy.

Almighty Light Source has the same color power as natural light, especially in skin color and red color, have been greatly improved, can accurately restore red skin color, real skin color and makeup color. When the evenness is kept at 98%, the brightness is increased to more than 3 times that of the traditional LED mirror.

Wireless charging

Support mobile phone wireless fast charging

Still worried that the cell phone will be out of power soon? We have solved your worries and worries, go home, just put your mobile phone on the makeup mirror tray, you can be free to take whatever you like!

Smartphones support wireless charging can be directly charged, such as smartphones do not support their own wireless charging can be equipped with wireless charging receivers

3 times magnifying glass

Eyeliner, eyelash, eyebrow and beautiful pupil do not leave flawed.

Three times magnification, especially for eye liner, eye hair, eyebrow, eye shadow, beautiful pupil, concealer and so on, so that your makeup does not leave any blemishes.

Detail function

360-degree rotation: one side is 1:1 conventional mirror, one side is 3 times magnifying mirror, specially designed 360-degree rotation, to meet different angles of use.

Table lamp: Use 1:1 mirror lamp, rotate to your favorite angle, touch the switch to adjust different brightness as table lamp use.

Night light: turn on the magnifier of the warm color light, rotate to their favorite angle, touch the switch can adjust different brightness as night light and atmosphere lamp use.

Built-in battery: built-in 1250 mA polymer lithium battery, charge about 3 hours, can be used continuously for 10 hours, make-up without any restrictions, make-up, lighting anytime and anywhere.


Q:Can you customize the color for the lamp?

A:Yes, we will meet your requirements.

Q:How long will it take you to make 10000 such products?

A:It will be completed in about a month.

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