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Bluetooth bracelet solution program

Bluetooth Wristband Solution Program

The so-called Bluetooth wristband is a product with built-in Bluetooth operating system, which can realize multiple functions by connecting to the network. The Bluetooth wristband can generally synchronize phone calls, messages, emails, photos, music, etc. In fact, in 1982, the Japanese Seiko launched a programmable wristband through the company it acquired, which might be called the origin of the Bluetooth wristband. Wristband products earlier than the birth of watches products, are also under attempts on the condition of the technology can achieve. The technology can satisfy the era of watch form products, wristband become the smart watch hardware form in a vertical chain. Watches products and mobile health watches security products are also in the vertical segment of smart watches, the presence of these forms are in order to be able to be in vertical field. These forms can meet the demand of the corresponding need and have a vast prospect.


According to the use of Bluetooth wristband, the potential customers of Bluetooth wristband are 200 million Chinese young people and 150 million Chinese old people or quasi-old people. At 200 RMB per sport wristband, it is China's 70 billion market in the future. In addition, China is the world's biggest factory in the world. The market value of the above five times, namely 350 billion, is the reason that all the major manufacturers and companies are looking for it. Wearable computing technology is developing rapidly as the sensors and high computing power in smart phones become the norm. According to the data, a total of 14 million high-tech wearable devices were sold in the global market in 2011, and nearly 70 million Bluetooth wearable devices are expected to be sold worldwide by 2017. This makes the wearable Bluetooth device the next must-win spot for e-commerce enterprises.

The motion monitoring function of Bluetooth wristband is realized by gravity acceleration sensor. The sensor gets some basic data by judging the movements of people, and then combines the basic information of personal physical signs entered by the user before, and according to some specific algorithms, gets personalized monitoring data for individuals, such as the number of steps, distance and calories consumed, so as to judge the frequency and intensity of movement. Because everyone’s movement along with the difference of personal physical signs have different effects, thus users in the use of hand ring need to enter in the APP before monitoring information such as gender, age, height, weight, information automatic synchronous ring in hand, through the sensors to monitor movements, through specific algorithms achieve movement monitoring function. The Bluetooth wristband not only has the general step of the pedometer, measuring the distance, calories, fat and other functions, but also has the special functions of sleep monitoring, high-grade waterproof, Bluetooth 4.0 data transmission and fatigue reminder.


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