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Multifunctional Cup Type Car Charger

1. Model: TLX-29
2. input: 12V-24V DC
3. output: 5V/USB output 3.1A
4. working temperature: <50 degrees
5. color: Black

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Product specification

1. Model: TLX-29

2. input: 12V-24V DC

3. output: 5V/USB output 3.1A

4. working temperature: <50 degrees

5. color: Black

6. packaging: color box packaging, 0.23kg/

7. weight: 13.5KG

8. number of containers: 54pcs

9. Input Voltage: 12-24V

10. USB Output: 5V-3.1A

11. Material: Metal+ABS

12. USB port: 2 USB

13. Device Supported: Mobile phone, tablet, MP3/MP4, PDA and other digital devices

Product features

1. customized packaging and printing of LOGO can be customized according to customer needs.

2. insert the product into the car cigarette lighter and connect to the mobile phone or other digital devices.

3. Built-in IC control and protection circuit, over-voltage and over-current protection, protection of charging safety, high charging efficiency and speed; Intelligent circuit can protect the mobile phone, will not cause battery damage because of excessive charging.

4. bring LED indicator light to make it convenient for you to use.

5. High performance-price ratio, reliable, mature and stable IC scheme, high accuracy of constant current value, internal circuit also through IC short-circuit protection design.

6. protection function: overload protection 105% to 180% rated power, overcurrent and short circuit protection.

7. cooling mode: natural cold.

Usage method

1, the vehicle charger has dual USB interface output, which can be used for charging two mobile phones at the same time.

2. Insert the plug of the USB car into the car cigarette lighter.

3. The USB A bus is charged and output, and then the corresponding plug is connected to the electrical equipment (such as mobile phone, MP3, camera series, etc.) for power supply or charging.

4. When the equipment is full of electricity, please pull up the charger from the cigarette lighter.

Q: How long does your product guarantee?

A: A year

Q: Is your factory in China?

A: Yes

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