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Replaceable Plug USB Direct Charger

1. Model: TLX-31
2. input voltage frequency: 50-60Hz.
3. output voltage: 5V3400MA
4. output current range: 1800-2400A MAX
5. output voltage adjustment rate: +-5%

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Input voltage range AC100-240V. wide voltage input, conforming to global usage standard.

1. Model: TLX-31

2. input voltage frequency: 50-60Hz.

3. output voltage: 5V3400MA

4. output current range: 1800-2400A MAX

5. output voltage adjustment rate: +-5%

6. output ripple noise 100mVp-p. DC ripple is small, high efficiency, low temperature, long service life.

7. efficiency 80-85%. low power design, no load power consumption is less than 0.3W

8. output short circuit protection. Built in overcurrent. Over voltage protection.

9. overheat protection.

10. the working temperature is 0 ~+50 C.

11. storage temperature -20 C ~+85 C.

12. humidity 10%-95%RH

13. product 100% full load aging.

14. high performance price ratio, stable and reliable 1 years warranty period.

This product is suitable for mobile phones, tablet computers, digital photo frames, humidifiers, air purifiers, electronic refrigerators, LED lamps, security, massagers, etc.

Product specification:

1. Input voltage: AC:100V-240V

2. Output voltage: DC:5V -2.1A

3. Plug specification: American regulation (optional specification: American regulation, European regulation)

4. Input:100V-240V AC, 50HZ/60HZ;

5. Output:5V2100MA + 3%;

6. Product size: 84.8mm*36.4mm*22.3mm

7. Product weight: 35g

8. Product pins: European rules and regulations;

9. Product color: multiple colors, can be OEM. White + gray;

10. Work efficiency: more than 70%, five level energy efficiency requirements

11. Applicable temperature: -20 C ~65 C

12. Working temperature: 30 C ~65 C;

13. Storage temperature: -10 C ~40 C;

14. Working mode: line USB output, line length 1m.

15. Single port charging: maximum 2100MA, intelligent matching charging device, 5V2.4A, 5V2.1A;

16. Two port charging: intelligent shunt

17. Product characteristics: constant voltage, constant current, overcurrent, over voltage protection, short circuit protection;

Product characteristics:

1. suitable for charging capacity less than 2800MAH lithium ion battery.

2. Adopt the standard USB 2 charging interface.

3. IC control charging process, fast charging speed, high efficiency, automatic constant temperature and voltage when full, automatic saturation detection, avoid battery overcharge, charging saturation can reach more than 95%.

4. the appearance of high-grade, fashionable and easy to carry, travel preferred.

5. all undergo rigorous testing of aging procedures! Quality is the first and price is the best.

6. products in safety, stability and compatibility have reached international standards, safe and reliable.

Product parameters

1. input: 110V-240V

2. output: 5V2100mA

3. indicator: indicator light.

4. line: USB straight line (customer self matching)

5. connector: can be customized according to customer needs.

6. color: black ,white

7. material: PC

8. Voltage 4.5V, ripple and noise (mVp-p) < 1% output voltage, temperature coefficient (+0.02%/), start-up time (< Is (240 input, Io = 100%) retention time (> 200ms (240 input, Io = 100%) output current can be set as constant current output mode, very accurate.

9. protection function: overload protection 105% ~ 180% rated power, cooling mode: natural cooling.

10. Lithium direct charge, clear man-machine interface, charged LED red light, suitable for mobile phones, mining lights, flashlights, digital products lithium battery charging

Instructions for use:

1. output current: the maximum 2100mA.

2. load output voltage: 4.6 ~ 5.0V

3. charger working time: not less than 1 hours.

4. Battery charge saturation: when charging at the above time, the battery charge saturation should be more than 95%.

5. can be applied to any cell phone charging (only need to access the corresponding phone data line).

6. work status: power indicator blue light: means that the charger has been connected to the power supply.

Matters needing attention:

1. do not strongly impact this product.

2. do not use it in damp or easy water.

3. do not transform or decompose this product.

4. Avoid charging in places where the temperature is high and the sun is shining. If the temperature is too high, the charging effect will be affected and the charging indicator will not be extinguished.

5. when charging, the charger shell, the battery shell some micro heat is a normal phenomenon.

Q: which countries are the chargers applicable to?

A: America and Europe

Q: which charger can this charger be used for?

A: mobile phones, Bluetooth speakers, flashlights, charging desk lamps and other electronic products.

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