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Plastic Wireless Charger

1. Model: TLX-34
2. SIZE: 104*71*77.5mm
4. INPUT: 5V/2A, 9V/1.8A
5. OUTPUT: 5V/1A, 9V/1.3A

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Product Parameter

1. Model: TLX-34

2. SIZE: 104*71*77.5mm


4. INPUT: 5V/2A, 9V/1.8A

5. OUTPUT: 5V/1A, 9V/1.3A


Wireless era, can be reclined, double line 10W fast charging;

10W high power, multiple security protection, QI certification standard, 5V/2A normal charging, 9V/1.8A express charging.

The QI era is more efficient than cable.

If you put it in one place, it will save time and electromagnetic induction.

Full of power failure, intelligent dormancy

When the electric charge is full, it will automatically enter the dormancy state.

Transient protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, over charging protection.

Light and thin, more valuable and practical.

Can not be thinner, baby interlayer free.

Remove winding, wireless charging

Mobile phone charging has never been so simple, just put the phone on a wireless charger, that is, put and charge, unlimited freedom.

Safe and fast charging.

Wireless data line connects to mobile phone, supports QI wireless charging protocol.

300 degree folding, convenient for life.

It's more free to play vertically, to play chasing drama, to chat and enjoy entertainment.

Standing chat, charging and entertainment two, new, new generation of wireless charging.

The whole process is low temperature, no hot, safe heat hole, effective isolation of heat source, rapid heat dissipation, no accumulation.

Function indicator lamp

LED blue light Pavilion -- charging state;

LED lights are not lit - standby.

Double coil design, induction sensitive, two launch coils, 360 degrees no dead angle induction range, high sensitivity, sensitive contact. Intelligent recognition, metal foreign body, intelligent removal of key, ring and other metal foreign objects.

Smart security chip

6 protection, safe and safe use.

1. overvoltage protection: avoid high voltage damage equipment.

2. under voltage protection: avoid high voltage damage equipment;

3. Overcurrent protection: avoid excessive power damage to the equipment.

4. Short circuit protection: short circuit stop automatically.

5. over temperature protection: the temperature is too high to stop automatically.

6. overload protection: avoid excessive power damage equipment.

Q: Can I charge my cell phone with my cell phone cover?

A: Yes, you can still charge.

Q: Will there be any danger if the metal is put on the wireless charger?

A: No, it will be intelligent identification, you can rest assured.

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