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Digital photo frame development program

Digital Photo Frame Program

Digital photo frame is a frame, but it is no longer used in the photos to show, but by a LCD screen to display. It can get photos from the interface to the SD card reader, set up the way for circular display, it is more flexible than ordinary photo frame and now increasingly use digital images to a new exhibition space. 

Digital photo frame size: 1.1 "- 10.1", etc.

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Plan Details

1. USB2.0 interface.

2. Support 1.1 inch to 10.1 inch display;

3. 2.7~ 3.3v working voltage, can use dry battery or lithium electricity;

4. Standby operating current is less than 10uA, and the picture shows current is less than 12mA (3V voltage).

5. Computer software supports Windows98, 2000 and XP;

6. Windows2000 and XP do not require driver installation;

7. Computer software supports BMP, GIF and JPEG image formats.

8. No CD-ROM required.


Function Introduction:

Digital photo frames are fashionable consumer electronics and a must-have accessory for families. Inheriting digital fashion and picture frame affection, the use is very extensive. For example, it can be used as business gifts, holiday gifts, souvenirs, exhibitions and exhibitions, welfare prizes, modern furniture, wedding photography, on-board, digital photography equipment, personal accessories, etc. With the popularization of digital photo frames, more and more interesting creative applications are bound to appear, bringing endless fun to our ordinary life. It can be used as fine art picture frame and picture frame, can be placed on the counter table, being used as wall murals, dynamic and static advertising machine, applicable to families, various elegant places such as shopping malls, hotels, motes, leisure center, bars, cafes and corridors, etc.

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