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Electronic scale development program

Electronic Scale Development Program


The cooperation method is flexible, available for IC and project development as well as PCBA.

1. No external EEPROM IC is required and the cost is lower.

2. Display resolution 1/5000 (optional).

3. Four buttons: ON/OFF, MODE/CAL, TARE, PCS.

4. Weighing units: g, oz, DWT, ct (4 types by default, units can be set arbitrarily, up to 4 types).

5. Automatic shutdown: the scales will be shut down without operation within 1 minute.

6. Backlight function: turn off backlight without operation for 10 seconds (time is optional).

7. Working voltage: 3V, internal voltage stability, low voltage detection: 2.4v.

8. One point calibration: full range point (optional).

9. The data can be displayed by LED or LCD, or transmitted to the computer to display or save the data through the data cable. 

10. Low power consumption: 4.5 mA at work, sleep about 1 ua (condition: 1 k Ω sensors).

Plan Details

Develop electronic body scale, kitchen scale, pocket scale (including high precision), fat scale and other solutions according to specific requirements of customers.

Provide electronic body scale, kitchen scale, pocket scale (including high precision) and fat scale, etc.

Professional solution company, solution and module multi-use, multi-specification, multi-variety, can fully meet the specific requirements of various customers.

Adopt Sonix IC design, low voltage, low power consumption, simple production, stable performance, high yield.

Function Introduction:

Kitchen scale, pocket scale, portable scale, price scale, weight scale and body scale

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