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Do not know how to choose power bank?
Nov 23, 2018

Do not know how to choose power bank?


As a powerful tool to improve the battery life of smart phones, power bank has become one of the most popular accessories for smart phones.However, due to the lack of in-depth understanding of power bank by most users, many users do not know how to choose power bank.

In fact, the internal power bank is not complicated, today I will teach you how to see the good or bad power bank, just understand these 4 points, for you to buy power bank in the future will certainly help.



. How to choose the capacity of power bank?

The capacity of power bank is one of the aspects that users are most concerned about, because the larger the capacity of power bank, the larger the amount of electricity that can be stored, and thus provide more battery life for smart phones and other devices.So how to choose the capacity of power bank?This mainly depends on your phone and battery life requirements.For example, the xiaomi 3 has a built-in 3050mAh battery. If we want to buy a power bank that can charge the xiaomi 3 twice or so, how much capacity should we choose?


For this problem, a lot of netizens think, buy 6100 mah capacity mobile power can, in fact this view is wrong, because the power bank in the recharge my mobile phone to generate a part of the power loss of the other power bank to recharge the battery for voltage, so actually a power bank about 70% of the actual charging capacity of sign.


That is to say, a standard power bank with 10000mAh can actually supply about 7000mAh after it is fully charged.This is also the reason why the official website of xiaomi claims that the power bank of 10400mAh can only charge xiaomi 3 2.5 times. I hope you can pay attention to this.



. how to see the quality of power bank?

Occasionally there will be some news about the explosion of power bank on the Internet. Many friends are worried about the quality and safety of power bank after reading this news.So will the power bank explode? How to choose the power bank with high reliability?For this problem, we as long as the power bank disassembly of friends know, the core of the power bank is the core and a small motherboard.

Caused an explosion of the power bank is the main reasons for using the inferior batteries, shanzhai mobile power existence without the use of inferior batteries products on the market, they are some use of waste batteries assembled, extremely unstable work, for this kind of product could cause an explosion, so when the choose and buy power bank, it is best to know about the power bank what the inside batteries, generally USES the brand batteries, power bank is reliable in quality, we don't buy some hold power.


. how to see the power bank charging time?

After knowing how to view the capacity and quality of power bank, we need to know about the charging time of power bank next. We do not want to buy a power bank, so we need to charge it for a long time before it can be fully charged.To understand the speed of charging time of power bank, we mainly look at the capacity of power bank and the charging current of power bank. The larger the current is, the shorter the charging time will be and the more convenient it will be in use.

Generally speaking, 1A current can fully charge the power bank of 1000mAh in 1 hour, so the power bank of 10000mAh needs 10 hours in theory to be fully charged, and it may take longer in practice.Therefore, when choosing power bank, it is better to choose products with higher charging current, so that power bank can be charged more quickly.



Iv. Compatibility of power bank

Different smartphones, tablets, the charging interface may be different, and different power bank can be different charging voltage, such as android mobile phones with apple charging interface is different, so in the choice of power bank, the last to know the power bank which is supported by phone, if there is a corresponding  interface.For example, at present, there are some mobile power supplies specifically for iPhone phones, mobile power supplies specifically for android phones, and universal mobile power supplies. Such mobile power supplies are equipped with abundant adapters for the convenience of different mobile devices. When you choose and buy these mobile power supplies, you can pay a little attention to them.



Write in the last: choose how about mobile power to introduce you to this, mobile power supply when the choose and buy, often can basically see the above four, but most users often only look at capacity, for the quality, charging time and interface will be ignored, leading to buy mobile power supply is not satisfied, if you buy mobile power supply in time, combined with the above four, then choose a few high cost performance products, so good.

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