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How to choose a wireless Bluetooth speaker?
Nov 09, 2018

Regarding how to choose a wireless Bluetooth speaker, I believe many people have been confused about how to choose. Here are some ways to introduce:

1, the speaker: speaking, the speaker is more complicated, the internal magnetic speaker is also the external magnetic speaker, paper cone or other, the structure of the speaker, the power and impedance of the speaker, etc., it is not difficult for professional people to know, the sound quality requirements for the speaker are not so High generally does not pay attention to these.

2, Listen: Listen to the sound quality of the speaker, listen to whether there is noise, whether it is easy to break the sound, whether it is distorted, whether the sound sounds uncomfortable (the speaker with bad sound quality will feel very noisy when listening for a long time), bass and Whether the treble is reflected or not. Try to use different songs when listening and listening, and the downloaded songs are best used in genuine. Now many online music files have been processed, which is very different from genuine music, and don't put the volume too loud during audition. (This is suitable for any speaker)

3, speaker box material: I used to pay more attention to this. Everyone thinks that the wooden box is better than any metal or plastic. Of course, this is also true. However, with the research of the speaker box, the metal, plastic and other materials are now. The body can also achieve the same effect as a wooden box. Unless it is very professional and requires very high sound quality, the wooden box must be used.

4, process: With the development of the times, the speaker technology is getting more and more people's attention, your speaker sound quality has no advantage, but the process is well done, beautifully done, but also can be favored by the masses.

5, the biggest purchase point of Bluetooth speaker manufacturers is Bluetooth wireless music, Bluetooth version is related to the quality of Bluetooth speakers, the higher the Bluetooth version, the more energy-efficient Bluetooth speakers, the farther the effective distance, the stronger the compatibility of Bluetooth.

6, wireless Bluetooth speaker power: This involves the power of the speaker amplifier and the power of the speaker, under the same conditions, the higher the power, the better the sound; of course, also depends on the ability of the speaker, such as some small speakers, If the power given to it is too large, the speaker will be "not honest" when playing music. It is like jumping, that is, people often say that the speaker will dance, so many manufacturers stick a layer of silicone pad or other things under the small speaker. It does not beat, but also increases the aesthetics of the speaker.

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