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How to choose the cleansing instrument that suits you
Nov 29, 2018

With advanced technology, the cleansing instrument can quickly and safely clean the deep waste of the skin, can alleviate a variety of skin problems, and promote the subsequent maintenance of the skin, which is unmatched by traditional facial washing methods. There are many kinds of cleansing instruments on the market. What is the difference between different cleansing devices? How to choose the right cleansing instrument?

There are many brands and types of cleansing instruments on the market. According to the principle and material, they can be roughly divided into rotary brush cleansing instrument and sonic vibrating silicone cleansing instrument.

Rotary Brush Cleansing Instrument: Representative-Mantis man TLX-39


The rotary cleansing instrument is one of the earliest types of cleansing devices on the market. Similar to electric toothbrushes, it is directly rotated through the brush head to brush dirt out of the pores. This kind of cleansing instrument has high requirements on the quality of the brush head, otherwise it is easy to scratch the stratum corneum of the skin, resulting in thinning of the stratum corneum.

Sonic vibration type silicone cleansing instrument: representative-Mantis man TLX-39



This kind of cleansing instrument can shock the deep dirt of the skin through the sonic pulse technology to achieve thorough cleaning. Made of medical silicone, it does not cause damage to the skin and is gentler to use.

Cleansing instrument uses a large PK!

1. Cleaning ability: Many bristles of the brush cleansing instrument are smaller than the pores. During the cleaning process, the pores can be directly cleaned inside the pores. Therefore, compared with the silicone cleansing instrument, the cleaning force is stronger, but the washing power is too strong, and it is also necessary to be cautiously over-cleaned. .

2, mildness: the things used on the face must be very gentle, compared to the silicone material, the bristles should be much harder, it is easy to scratch the stratum corneum of the skin during use, resulting in thinning of the stratum corneum. The silica gel is super soft and very mild.

3, safety: silicone cleansing instrument uses medical silica gel, sensitive skin can also be used. The brush cleansing device has higher requirements for cleaning and preservation. If it is not properly preserved, it will easily breed bacteria. People with sensitive skin should use it with caution and also avoid skin scratches.

4, for the skin: brush hair cleansing instrument needs to choose different brush head according to different skin types. The silicone cleansing instrument comes with thick and thin contacts, which are aimed at different parts of the face. At the same time, it can adapt to different skin types through intensity adjustment. The cleaning is thorough and gentle and convenient.

5, cleaning degree: silica gel material has antibacterial, anti-allergic, quick-drying function, after washing the face directly through the water rinse is very clean, cleaning and storage are very convenient. However, the cleaning of the brush cleansing device is relatively troublesome, and the cleaning is not complete and it is easy to breed bacteria and cause damage to the skin.

6, cost-effective: silicone cleansing instrument can be used all the time, no need to replace, there will be no deformation or damage of the brush head. The brush cleansing device requires regular replacement of the new brush head.

In summary, in the comparison of cleanliness, mildness, safety, etc., when using a cleansing instrument, it is recommended to use a silica gel cleansing instrument. This can gently cleanse the skin's deep waste without causing damage to the skin, and at the same time better promote the maintenance of the subsequent skin.

To prevent over-cleaning, the general skin type is recommended to be used 3 times a week. Oily or cuticle thick can be increased 1-2 times according to your own situation, while skin sensitive can be reduced according to the situation.

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