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How to maintain the speaker for a longer period of use
Nov 09, 2018

The speaker is an important part of the entire sound system, and the value is about half of the whole system, so it must be treated properly.

1. Avoid placing in direct sunlight. Do not place near heat radiation equipment, such as stoves, radiators, etc., and do not place them in damp places.

2. Before connecting the speaker to the amplifier, you should cut off the power of the amplifier to avoid damaging the speaker.

3. The connection to the feeder of the amplifier should be secure, and it must not fall when it is pulled, and the positive and negative polarity cannot be connected incorrectly. The feeder connected to the speaker should be thick enough not to be too long to avoid loss and damage. The deviation from the frequency response is 0.500.75mm2, the maximum length of the wire is 9cm, the maximum length of the 1.5mm2 wire is 14m, and the maximum length of the 2.0mm2 wire is 21m.

4. should pay attention to whether the impedance of the speaker is suitable for the recommended value of the amplifier

5. Do not exceed the rated power. Otherwise the sound quality will deteriorate and even damage the speaker.

6. The outer casing should be wiped with a soft, dry cotton cloth. Do not apply furniture wax or benzene or alcohol.

7. The dust on the surface of the speaker can only be removed with a soft brush and cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

8. speakers should be placed on a sturdy, strong floor to avoid bass attenuation. Do not place the speakers too close to the wall.

9. Do not place the speaker too close to the turntable to avoid audible clicks.

10. If there is medium and high-pitched level adjustment, you can adjust it to the satisfaction of the sound.

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