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Mobile phone wireless charger introduction
Nov 09, 2018

Although this article focuses on charging mobile radios, by the way, the receiving antenna is briefly introduced. Because this type of wireless charging device is essentially a transformer, the primary is installed in the charger and the secondary is installed in the terminal.

Because the receiving antenna that is not matched with the charger will cause the current fluctuation in the charging circuit, how to choose the charging antenna?

First: the terminal antenna needs to be magnetically shielded.

If the charging antenna is only an air-core coil, when the nearby metal objects are close to each other, eddy current will be caused, so that the charging efficiency is lowered, the charger energy radiation is not emitted, the current is increased, and the charger is heated.

Second: the magnetic medium selected by the charger is divided into two categories: organic magnetic materials and inorganic magnetic materials.

The organic magnetic material can be made thin and warped, suitable for the back cover of mobile phones, and used in mobile phones; the inorganic magnetic material is made of sintered ferrite, which is brittle and suitable for large space installation.

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