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Sports Bluetooth headset charging instructions
Nov 13, 2018

For the sports-loving babies, exercise is life. If you don’t exercise for a day, you always feel that something is missing. The boring exercise method will inevitably be boring, and the common headphones need to be connected to the mobile phone. It will inevitably become more cumbersome when exercising. And some wired headsets are cumbersome, and it is easy to cause gravity when running on the head. At this time, some people will ask about the business Bluetooth headset. It's true that ordinary Bluetooth headsets can be used in sports, but the sound effects of a single earphone are not stereoscopic, and the sound effects in the ear can only be heard when you exercise. At this time, the sports Bluetooth headset came into being, and the compact Bluetooth sports headset became the gospel of the love sportsman. So how long does it take to charge the sports Bluetooth headset? What issues do you need to pay attention to?

One: the best charging time

Sports Bluetooth headsets are generally not fully charged when they are shipped from the factory.

1. In order to fully activate the battery, charge the first three times for 6-8 hours.

2, after each charge for 2-3 hours.

3, when charging, it is generally bright red indicator light, the light is off indicating that the electricity is already full, but the individual headphones are full of blue light or green light, the manual will indicate.

4, in order to achieve the longest battery life, it is necessary to master the correct way to charge the Bluetooth headset, that is, only when the battery is low, charging. The number of times the battery is charged is about 500 times. That is, the normal service life is about 2 years. Fully charged normal standby time 2-4 days, normal use is 1-3 days when the phone is used, the phone is relatively short.

Two: sports Bluetooth headset charging considerations

1. Insert all the plugs when charging, don't just insert more than one, so that the machine is damaged for a long time. When plugging or unplugging the charging plug, it should be lighter, otherwise the plug will be loose if the time is long.

2. Choose the right charger. General sports Bluetooth headsets have dedicated chargers. If you don't have a dedicated charger, you can find the charging interface (some are small round holes, some are MiniUSB universal interfaces), and the charger with the same rated output power.

3. If the sports Bluetooth headset is plugged into the base or the charging box to charge, it will take longer to charge than when charging directly to the Bluetooth headset. The charging method is the same as charging the earphone directly, and inserting the charging wire into the hole of the base can be inserted.

4. When charging the sports Bluetooth headset, try not to use the headset again to avoid accidental damage.

5. When the battery is charged, the red indicator lights up, indicating that it is charging. If the charging is completed, the indicator light will turn blue and the charger can be removed.

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