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What is an intelligent robot?
Nov 22, 2018

What is an intelligent robot?

Intelligent robot is called intelligent robot because it has a quite developed "brain".In the brain is the central processing unit, a computer directly related to the person who operates it.Most of all, such a computer can perform the intended action.That's why we say these robots are real robots, even though they may look different.


We understand the so-called intelligent robot in a broad sense, and its most impressive impression is a unique "living creature" with self-control.In fact, the main organs of self-control are not as subtle and complex as real people.

The intelligent robot has various internal and external information sensors, such as vision, hearing, touch and smell.In addition to having a receptor, it also has an effector, which ACTS as a means of effecting the surrounding environment.These are muscles, or self-stepping motors that move hands, feet, long noses, antennae, etc.It can be seen that an intelligent robot should have at least three elements: sensory elements, response elements and thinking elements.


We call this robot the autonomous robot so that it can be distinguished from the robot mentioned above.It is the result of cybernetics, which posits the fact that the purposeful ACTS of life and nonlife are in many ways the same.As one intelligent robot maker put it, robots are the functional description of a system that was once only available as a result of the growth of living cells, and which is now something we can make ourselves.


Intelligent robot can understand human language, use human language to talk with the operator, in its own "consciousness" alone formed a kind of "survival" of the external environment - the detailed model of the actual situation.It can analyze what is happening, adjust its actions to meet all the requirements of the operator, formulate the desired actions, and perform them under conditions of inadequate information and rapid changes in the environment.Of course, it's impossible to make it look exactly like our human minds.Still, there are attempts to build a kind of "microcosm" that computers can understand.


Functional classification

It can be divided into general robot and intelligent robot.

General robot refers to a robot that has no intelligence, only general programming ability and operational functions.

So far, there is no unified definition of intelligent robot in the world.Most experts believe that an intelligent robot should have at least three elements.Second, the movement element, makes the reaction action to the outside world;The third is the thinking element, according to the information obtained by the feeling element, thinking out what kind of action to adopt.Sensory elements include non-contact sensors that can sense vision, proximity and distance, and contact sensors that can sense perception, pressure and touch.These elements are essentially equivalent to human eyes, nose and ears. Their functions can be realized by using electromechanical components such as camera, image sensor, ultrasonic transmitter, laser, conductive rubber, piezoelectric element, pneumatic element and travel switch.For the motion elements, the intelligent robot needs to have a trackless mobile mechanism to adapt to different geographical environments such as flat ground, steps, walls, stairs, ramps and so on.Their functions can be accomplished by moving mechanisms such as wheels, tracks, legs, suckers, and air mattresses.

In the process of motion, real-time control should be carried out on the moving mechanism. Such control should include not only position control, but also strength control, position and strength mixed control, expansion rate control, etc.The thinking element of intelligent robot is the key of the three elements, and also the essential element that people should give to the robot.The elements of thinking include intellectual activities such as judgment, logical analysis and understanding.These intellectual activities are essentially an information processing process, and the computer is the main means to complete this process.

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