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Which car charger is positive and negative, how to distinguish?
Nov 09, 2018

I often see some friends asking questions in the background to ask such a question: Which car charger is positive and negative, how to distinguish? Today Xiaobian comes to give you a little knowledge.

The middle contact of the car cigarette lighter is positive, and the outer contact is negative. The car cigarette lighter seat is also the middle contact is the positive pole, and the outer annular contact piece is the negative pole.

The middle elastic head of the car charger is the positive pole, and the buckles on both sides are the negative pole. The cigarette lighter is a component of all cars that is used to facilitate the ignition of cigarettes when the owner smokes. The cigarette lighter socket is an electronic device similar to a household power source porous socket, which is connected to a car power source through a plug, and then leads to a plurality of cigarette lighter sockets. Cigarette lighter sockets are very useful for owners who regularly use automotive electronics.

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