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Intelligent robot development program

Provide intelligent robot solution integration service

Smart robot solutions

We have been committed to the intelligent robot program development, we use design to win business opportunities for you

Intelligent robot solution provider: Develop intelligent robot software/hardware solutions, structure design, assembly test, accessories packaging

Brand and channel business: Own independent brand and sales channel, mature intelligent robot ODM, OEM products


Smart robot solutions

Brand agency: 7 years industry experience;

Custom development: Cross-terminal services;

OEM and ODM: Cooperate with many customers;

PCBA plan: Customization personalization features.

Development of intelligent early education robot:

Function introduction:

English, poetry, 100 family names, trigraph, singing, dancing, storytelling, arithmetic, crosstalk, brain teasers, video monitoring, 100,000 whys, encyclopedia, remote APP control, intelligent tracking.

Intelligent educational robot is a learning, educational enlightenment, affection communication company, and other functions in one of the high-tech product, is the artificial intelligence in the cloud big data systems, voice interaction system, network communication system and the perfect combination of remote monitoring system, have a children's pronunciation, intonation and tone, simulation with artificial intelligence, emotional system can realize the master joys and sorrows, and adopt the appropriate way to respond to and guide the company. It can connect with the cloud, extract massive education resources, Chinese, math, English, children's songs, etc. In addition, the powerful cloud back-end service function is constantly learning, evolving, storing and self-updating every day. Domestic development of intelligent robots.

Intelligent educational robot is a predominantly two-way voice communication with type of intelligent robot, its three core functionality is intelligent education, growth escort, a personal butler, can be applied in many scenarios, such as interactive education, speech dialogue, data query and so on, can satisfy the daily education of children aged 0 ~ 12 with demand. The body of the robot can be equipped with a camera or display to support two-way video calls and voice control, and the display can display corresponding content when video calls, watching learning or entertainment resources. The robot can also be used as a monitoring device when the parent is not at home, and stops in front of the robot to automatically snap small video. Smart robot for children program.


Companion robot:

Intelligent speech, early education, face recognition, autonomous obstacle avoidance, intelligent home control;

Intelligent expression, security monitoring, gesture recognition, body sense game, voice recipe;

Accompanied chatting, voice control, intelligent housekeeper, low power alarm, music broadcast;

Cloud big data, transaction alerts, indoor cruise, automatic charging, video play.


Welcome robot:

Intelligent expression, face recognition, video monitoring, infrared security;

Product introduction, stereo sound box, prevent falling, video play;

Smoke alarm, hd camera, voice broadcast, autonomous walking;

Autonomous obstacle avoidance (ultrasonic), Internet application, intelligent home control;

Remote control walking, body sense game, low electric alarm, automatic charging;

Laser navigation (autonomous planning path).


Security robot:

Remote control, security function, automatic obstacle avoidance, security control, music broadcast, autonomous cruise, intellectual disability service;

Mobile patrol, day and night patrol, self-charging, self-extinguishing, humanities encyclopedia, gesture recognition, environmental management;

Instant video, detection of suspicious, entertainment interaction, air purification, remote monitoring, face recognition, APP function expansion;

Voice interaction, active inquiry, network application, weather forecast, APP control, binocular vision, temperature and humidity detection.

1. The first time the thief enters the house, the owner can only passively deal with the danger without realizing it.

2. If the alarm is not timely, it is very difficult for the owner to report it at the first time in the security situation. Generally, the case is filed after being stolen, and the loss has been caused;

3. It is difficult to obtain evidence, without real-time image, it is difficult to identify the criminal, and the loss is impossible to recover.

Emotional robot:

Close companion, intelligent expression, remote control, environmental management, APP control;

Happy chat, face recognition, self-charging, music play, automatic obstacle avoidance;

Voice calls, intelligent education, binocular recognition, video playback, intelligent service;

Autonomous cruise, video call, air detection, hd camera, gesture recognition;


Dancing robot:

Singing and dancing, video calls, gesture recognition;

Voice dialogue, low electrical alarm, intelligent expression;

Intelligent education, face recognition, security monitoring;

Smoke alarm, home control, binocular vision;

Education, application extension, hd camera;

Remote control, intelligent service;

Edit movements and dance movements independently, and develop them independently.


JIMU robot:

Self-balancing system, high precision structure, high power motor, high precision control;

Bluetooth control, APP control, modular graphics programming, waiting for the captain, low power consumption;

Business robot:

Voice chat, encyclopedia, education learning, face recognition;

English translation, intelligent home control, emergency alarm, gesture recognition;

Transporting items, meeting, remote control, air purification;

Video call, autonomous navigation, automatic charging, zhilian service;

Security monitoring, video call, music play, video play;

Low electrical alarm, automatic charging, projection function, APP control.

Feeding robot:

Music play, autonomous delivery, intelligent expression, user order, remote control;

Speech dialogue, autonomous obstacle avoidance, gesture recognition, network application, checkout management;

Video call, low power alarm, binocular vision, video play, WeChat pay;

Face recognition, automatic charging, environmental management, food delivery, alipay pay.


Banking robot:

Intelligent speech, intelligent expression, facial recognition, gesture recognition;

Autonomous obstacle avoidance, low electrical alarm, automatic charging, automatic route planning;

Video call, video play, security monitoring, free voice chat;

Household appliances control, distress function, binocular vision, intelligent home control;

Non-contact card reading, bank project inquiry and guidance, laser automatic navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Medical robot:

Intelligent voice, medical registration, medical payment, one-button distress, autonomous obstacle avoidance;

Music broadcast, department guidance, air detection, ward cruise, low electric alarm;

Video call, project inquiry, environmental management, delivery of items, automatic charging;

Face recognition, gesture recognition, network application, APP control, automatic route planning.


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