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Kid Accompany Intelligent Robot

1.Model: TLX-58
2.Size: 22*16*10cm
3.Battery capacity: 1500mAh
4.Charging time: 2 hours.
5.Use time: 7 hours

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Product parameters:

1.Model: TLX-58

2.Size: 22*16*10cm

3.Battery capacity: 1500mAh

4.Charging time: 2 hours.

5.Use time: 7 hours

6.Standby time: 5 days

7.TF Card: 64M (support extended 32G)

8.Material: ABS environmental grade material

9.Memory configuration: 64M FLASH

10.Mode of operation: voice, WeChat

11.Networking: WIFI, mobile hotspots

12.Toy type: electric toys

13.Applicable age: <14 years old

14.Remote control: voice control

[Standard Edition] intelligent robot [upgraded version] (microphone)

[enhanced version] (8G ram + microphone)

[enhanced version] (16G ram + microphone)

15.Applicable age: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

16.Material: PVC

During the period of prenatal education, the slow music makes the fetal heart rate steady and stimulates the brain well.

The development period is 1-3 years old. We should grasp the critical period of speech development, and cultivate the bilingual expression ability of Chinese and English.

The training period is 3-6 years old, knowing the world from rich stories and Sinology.

The shaping period is 6-8 years old, and diversified knowledge contents break through single educational defects.

1. remote synchronous teaching materials, to help children learn, massive resources synchronization;

Encyclopedia Q & A, classroom teaching materials, intelligent answers, you can say you can sing.

2. APP push massive resources, select high-quality content.

App synchronizes the audio textbook of grade 1-9, 100,000 + stories, music, literature, poetry, Sinology and other cloud resources continue to update;

Music poetry, voice intercom, story literature, synchronous courses, group chat

3. intelligent dialogue, Chinese and English translation

To satisfy children's curiosity and let him explore the world no longer alone

No longer afraid of children asking one hundred thousand why!

At the same time, the cloud is rich in English translation resources.

New concept English, IELTS English and other English learning resources;

"Why is the earth round? "

The movement of objects in the universe has always been...

4. voice interaction, voice dialogue

Can listen to the concert, powerful and rich dialogue function, encyclopedic knowledge in the mind, only unexpected not to answer.

5. parent child communication, communication zero barriers

Parents can communicate with their children through APP, understand their children's inner world, join the micro chat group, can achieve multi-interactive, through children and robots to communicate, understand the joys and sorrows of the latest baby, experience the baby's inner world.

Honey, have you finished your homework?

I wrote it, mom.

6. curriculum synchronization, children free family teacher

Mobile APP primary school textbooks accompany reading, no longer need to worry about children's inaccurate pronunciation, massive resources, multi-dimensional, diverse learning, so that children grow up faster.

7. sound control play, listen to the music at any time.

At one command, listen to the music anytime, cloud music library anytime you like, early music, sleep music, pop music...

Cartoon music, Chinese and English nursery rhymes, pop music, sleep music

8. Special feature mobile control push.

Mobile phones push content to play in the robot.

9. Cara OK, to improve the coordination ability of children.

Millions of cloud music, along with the selection of singing, to explore and show the baby's talent, parents can also sing with the baby together, increase parent-child interaction, to cultivate children's left and right brain development.




Q: Can sample fee return after placed order?

A: Yes, any sample fee will return to customer after placed order

Q: Can I know about after-sale customer service?

A: We have professional develop department and Bluetooth engineers, quick handle technical problem. Strictproduction line, to keep quality and delivery. Professional customer service team, to deal with all problem after yourpurchase.

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