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Can Smart Locks Become New Consumer Electronics?
Dec 10, 2018

First, it is believed that smart locks are expected to become new consumer electronics products after home appliances such as televisions and air conditioners. Such enterprises mainly include some emerging smart lock Internet brands, as well as some smart lock enterprises that have certain advantages in the field of smart locks. They believe that smart locks, like air conditioners instead of electric fans, can be a replacement for mechanical locks. Such companies are more concerned about the market for consumption upgrades and secondary renovations.

Second, think that smart lock is not a simple electronic product, it needs different disciplines to support and cooperate, smart lock should pay more attention to the enterprise that the lock itself should have. These enterprises are mainly enterprises that have been transformed by traditional mechanical locks. They believe that smart locks involve many disciplines and fields such as mechanical structure, internet of things, materials, electronics, etc., unlike pure electronic products such as air conditioners and televisions, smart locks. The electronic aspect is perfect, and it also needs the lock core and the lock body of the mechanical part to cooperate. In addition, the smart lock itself is a lock, and its essence is safety. Therefore, it is very difficult to meet the security requirements of the user by intelligent lock light, so the smart lock is still locked.

Third, think that smart locks have both the attributes of mechanical locks and the attributes of electronic products, which are difficult to classify. There are also emerging brands of such enterprises, as well as professional smart lock companies, as well as mechanical lock companies. They believe that smart locks can't be equated with traditional mechanical locks, nor can they be compared with home appliances. Future developments cannot develop into a trillion-dollar market size like home appliances, and more often drive demand and consumption through B-end market. For this reason, the cultivation cost of the market and users is much higher than that of the home appliance industry, so it is difficult to classify smart locks.

However, from the current point of view, enterprises that support smart locks as new home appliances or new consumer electronics products account for the vast majority. In fact, for smart lock practitioners, their wish is that smart locks can also enter thousands of households like home appliances. Therefore, it seems that it is easier to approach consumers with smart locks as home appliances, and with the upgrade of consumption and With the advent of the second renovation era, the demand for smart locks will be further enhanced. But for enterprises that regard smart locks as home appliances, the biggest difficulty facing them is how to make users recognize that smart locks are new home appliances or new consumer electronics products. This is for the whole industry. The biggest education cost.

Judging from the major home appliance stores and e-commerce platforms, Jingdong and Tmall still classify smart locks as “hardware tools”; Suning and Gome have classified smart locks as “digital products”. That is to say, Tmall and JD.com still do not recognize smart locks as consumer electronics products; only Suning and Gome, which have the advantage of offline channels, have regarded smart locks as new consumer electronics products.

From the current point of view, smart lock counters or specialty stores are concentrated in major building materials market and home market, but Suning Appliance, Gome, Dazhong Electric and other home appliance retail and specialty stores, as well as commercial centers, commercial plazas, large supermarkets It has gradually become an offline channel for smart lock companies to compete for layout. It can be seen that smart locks are indeed transforming into consumer electronics and home appliances.

Of course, smart locks have to face new difficulties in becoming new consumer electronics or new home appliances. In addition to market cultivation, product quality and after-sales service are also facing enormous difficulties. The difference with other home appliances is that users have “zero tolerance” for the quality and service of smart locks. Other home appliances have failed. For users, they can be used temporarily, but smart locks are different. They must go out every day and must be daily. Come back home. Therefore, for smart lock products, the quality must be excellent. For smart lock enterprises, the service must be timely and the response must be rapid.

To this end, the author believes that smart locks have both the nature of locks and the attributes of electronic products. Whether it can become a new consumer electronics or new home appliances, the key is not how the balance of the attributes of the locks and the attributes of the electronics are balanced. How the user's inherent knowledge of smart locks changes, which requires huge market cultivation costs for enterprises; more importantly, quality and service must be done well.

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