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Electronic Product Development - Wearable Products Explode MCU Usage Boom
Nov 22, 2018

Electronic product development - wearable

products explode MCU usage boom



Wearable device stores persistent fever, according to Cisco for discussion, points out that the 2015 global wearable use goods will have a $25 billion market, expected the wearable 2020 extension will render times, electronic product development faces make the factory need to surge, chip is attracting more and more companies active in suitable for wearable devices need to deal with the planning of the micro controller scheme.



Medical grade wearables are in high demand


Examines the current wearable devices, mainly has two big commodity categories, one is the combination of remote medical treatment, biological information monitoring use, another is movement and the health management use primarily himself physiology sensors, in addition to novel smart watches, smart accessories such as special goods, of course, these smart watches, jewelry, also have some wearer mostly sensor function, physical activity is not just a simple smart watch or act the role ofing is tasted good.Smart watches, smart wristbands and other wearable devices are also common with smart phones, and the sensing functions are more and more diversified. The use of the sensing module on the optimization of wear and application will reduce the development time.


The wearable processing scheme needs to satisfy the demand of low power consumption and low cost


The development direction of the wearable of intelligent commodities also further limits the product's appearance to the functional requirements such as no burden for wearers and the longevity of battery, which also means that the wearable commodities need to maintain the fundamental operation and sensing efficiency under extremely light weight.


Although most of the available computing channels can satisfy the development needs of wearable products in terms of power consumption performance, computing performance and commodity scale, in fact, when faced with the development circuit design of smart watch products, there will still be many difficult problems in combination of skills.Intelligent watch goods investigation, the current smart watches for Sony, Samsung, Google and a handful of new entrepreneurs active input, smart watch goods in the current bottleneck much needs to be improved skills, for example, how to make the battery life can be more than 2 ~ 3 days after use without charging, how can appear screen discernible in the field, the watch shell manufacturing level how to act the role ofing is tasted rank, etc.


ARMMCU have the potential to carry out wearable application


In some battery life, the existing intelligent watches using the combination of chip ARM foundation mostly, extremely low power consumption, it was appeared on the screen of power consumption question more difficult, with the existing city to sell goods, wearable smart watches mainly use E Ink, OLED and LCD appeared three small scale apparatus is given priority to, in the OLED can run under the condition of no backlight module, to show the thickness of the screen into a colorful show substantial tightening the current smart watches main options screen.


But appeared in colorful screen smart watch goods, although the colorful effect is more attractive, but also the battery life most can only keep 1 ~ 2 days performance, mostly about the battery life of wearable goods demand is only qualified fundamental role, there are still quite a few battery efficiency improvements can be improved.


In addition to the power question, smart watches during operation core is still at the start of electronic product development, don't like tablets, intelligence type mobile phone use for many years the development of embedded system root, even if it was not until recently that Google released on wear of embedded system of use, but in fact about development still needs time to channel resources and system optimization.


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