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Home Intelligence Trend Is Strengthened
Nov 27, 2018

According to China home appliance association news center learned, "China's home appliance industry" thirteenth "development guidance" draft is stepping up development, the final official release, is expected to be released at the end of this year, which strengthened confidence in the development of the home appliance industry.According to "made in China 2025", China is vigorously promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. As an important strategy of the household appliance manufacturing industry as an important part of China, the transformation trend of intelligent enhanced intelligent home furnishing development will be a bright future.


  Intelligent home is to point to be a platform with the residence, use network technology to change integration of hardware product in household life, intelligence and network, the life environment that strengthens household safety, convenience, comfortable sex, artistic sex.It includes four parts: home automation (using microelectronics technology, integrated control, household electronic products or systems), home network, network appliances (general digital technology, network technology and intelligent control technology to improve the design of household appliances used in new household appliances) and information appliances (low-cost appliances).


  In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet and the decline of the real estate market, China's smart home industry has ushered in a period of rapid development.According to the data provided by forward-looking industrial research institute, the market size of smart home in China in 2014 was 300 million yuan, and Internet giants such as "Internet +" dong feng, BAT, real estate enterprises and home appliance manufacturers entered the market one after another. Smart home is expected to grow rapidly to 4.8 billion yuan in 2015, and the market size will exceed 20% compound growth rate in 20162017.


  Home appliances and other smart hardware products are the key to smart home, with the development of smart home, smart home appliance market will gradually open, it is estimated that in 2020, the total value of smart home appliance products in China will exceed 1 trillion yuan, the output value of smart hardware will reach 600 billion yuan.This favorable factor is the trend of si chuan chang hong, the capital market of boss electric appliance, pioneer electric appliance and huadi shares, so pay close attention to it.


  At present, China's smart home is still in the primary stage of mode training, platform construction and user accumulation.Product prices artificially high and experience poor performance defect is not perfect for consumers to pay, intelligent household industry development Miami market cool response to this phenomenon, smart home related manufacturers to grasp the core of the smart home user's demand, improve product experience, lower prices, to expand the market, household, promote intelligent heating.

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