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How To Choose A Bluetooth Headset? Four Of The Most Collectable Shopping Strategies
Nov 09, 2018

Recently, with the development of highly integrated smartphones, more and more manufacturers have eliminated 3.5mm headphone jacks, especially represented by Apple. Wireless and high integration are inevitable trends. Bluetooth headsets are a must-have for friends who love music or love sports. But how do you choose a Bluetooth headset? Friends in need can look at the following points.

First, the appearance

From the appearance point of view, there are basically four types of Bluetooth headsets on the market, in-ear, half-in-ear, over-the-ear and split. Different earphone configurations can be selected depending on the usage environment.

Second, comfort

The comfort of wearing directly affects the experience of the headset, and it is decided that you don't like to use this headset after you buy it. The wearing experience is mainly determined by the way the earphones are matched, the ear cap, the weight, and the tightness, but depending on the subjective feeling of the individual, there may be discrepancies.

Third, battery life

The battery life determines how long your Bluetooth headset can last. It is divided into usage time and standby time. The battery life is determined by the battery quality of the headset and the volume of the headset.

Fourth, the sound quality

There are many factors that affect the sound quality. Wire is one of the more important ones, and Bluetooth headsets rely on wireless communication to transmit data, so the sound quality will be lossy compared to wired headphones.

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