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Market Development Trend Of Bluetooth Speakers In The Next Few Years
Nov 09, 2018

At present, in the field of speakers, Bluetooth speakers have basically replaced the market position of traditional active audio, occupying more than half of the market. Let's analyze the features of Bluetooth audio:

1. With Bluetooth wireless function, it can be free from active restrictions;

2. Outdoors, the use of Bluetooth speakers is very popular, and it is more convenient to carry speakers wholesale

3. Bluetooth speaker subdivision, outdoor portable speaker, home Bluetooth speaker, etc., home Bluetooth speaker can be controlled by mobile phone, indoors can control the speaker anytime and anywhere, the traditional home active speaker has certain defects, will be Bluetooth speaker instead.

Therefore, in the field of Bluetooth wireless, the fusion of traditional speakers and Bluetooth functions will certainly occupy the speaker market, and the growth trend will become more and more obvious, and the prospects are very impressive.

First, Bluetooth speakers can be played in a wider environment. In general, many users are accustomed to using headphones to listen to music. However, the earphones need to be worn by the ear, and often only when they are wearing themselves can they listen to the music, and others cannot enjoy the music. Especially when wearing headphones to write code articles, the efficiency will be greatly affected. However, if you use Bluetooth speakers for playback and the volume is not very high, the codeword efficiency will not be affected. You can listen to music while coding. In addition, when in an indoor environment, such as in your own room, you can easily use Bluetooth speakers to listen to music, and the radiation area is quite wide. Then, Bluetooth speakers are generally small in size and easy to carry. Everyone in their daily lives and work will always go out and go to different places. When you are in a hotel and hotel room, you can have a boring time with a Bluetooth speaker. Since most Bluetooth speakers are small, they can be easily carried in a backpack and you want to use them. Even in the car, you can put a Bluetooth speaker for hands-free calling. Second, use Bluetooth speakers to listen to music, usually the audio source is more flexible. The Bluetooth speaker itself does not have storage capacity, so it is not possible to play music on its own. It must be connected to the playback device to complete the playback function. For example, any mobile phone has Bluetooth capability. In the past, Bluetooth was mostly used to transfer data between devices and devices. Now, it's very easy to connect to a Bluetooth speaker via the Bluetooth interface. Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks can be connected to Bluetooth speakers to play music and play better than the effects of these devices. In this era of very tight battery, no one would be willing to use the precious mobile phone power for music release, Bluetooth speaker is a good solution to this problem.

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