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Mobile Phone Wireless Charger Electromagnetic Induction Charging
Nov 09, 2018

The mobile phone wireless charger primary coil has a certain frequency of alternating current, and a certain current is generated in the secondary coil by electromagnetic induction, thereby transferring energy from the transmitting end to the receiving end. At present, the most common mobile phone wireless charging solution uses electromagnetic induction. The charging stand and the terminal used for wireless charging of the mobile phone respectively have built-in coils, and the two begin to supply power from the charging stand to the terminal. In order to improve the power supply efficiency, it is necessary to align the positions between the coils without causing an offset.

At present, electromagnetic induction wireless charging has a higher conversion rate than magnetic field resonance charging, and the charging conversion rate can reach about 80%. At present, the technology is widely used in the field of mobile phone wireless charging. However, this type of wireless charging technology also has obvious drawbacks - short transmission distance and strict location requirements. The wireless charging mobile phones that are currently on the market require mobile phones to be in contact with the charging pad for wireless charging, and have extremely demanding requirements for placement.

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