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Smart Home Products In Three Stages: Can See, Can Be Used, Can Be Sold
Nov 29, 2018

At present intelligent household product although fry very hot, but still be in usable level, in general, its have 3 stages: can look, usable, can sell.


1. Can see, in the early stages of smart home products is to look at stage, it has many problems, stability, reliability, no security, three protocol is rough, it will be embedded software hardware technology and computer technology mobile phone APP combined (control) software implementation demonstration, mainly enterprises, for many companies at this stage is not difficult, should be able to realize and a half years.


2. Available in can see after implementation is optimized, the more to do, to think the problem more and more trouble, make intelligent household enterprises in pain, but I still have more sense of achievement, will do the stability of the relative products system, has been in progress, the product line extension, hope more and more big, the stage for many companies is difficult, because it is a long time, there are many cook don't in the past, this period is generally not less than two years.


3. In the marketable stage, from available to marketable, there is only a small gap, which seems to be very short, but actually is very long. All products should be tested and publicly tested, etc., and many problems are hidden, such as: only once a month (for example, the camera of an early brand) freezes and so on.The characteristics of the smart home is a crossover is serious business, black and white home appliances, security, lighting, air conditioning, drinking water, sanitary ware, etc., whole house intelligence is a must, but also the only wireless system can easily combination and customization, but so far can do wireless intelligent company a handful of whole house, because there is no agreement is approved after a market survey, that is to say, to make the traditional large-scale access and the difficulty of home appliance manufacturers, also need time, 2017 is doomed to be a validation, it can't be it in the onset of smart home system, can only do the thing you should do,Lay a solid foundation, so, the smart home to sell stage there is no schedule, it is a process of constantly optimize and progress, who stopped, who will be eliminated, it has no end, will progress with the progress of technology and demand, also because of this, make this industry full of vitality, continuous innovation, to better human experience.

Smart home products are the trend in the future, but like all industries, need a growth time, people need some time to accept this way of home, time will prove everything.

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