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Smart Watches Lead The Development Of Future Wearable Devices
Nov 09, 2018

According to IDC, global wearable devices will grow 15.1% in 2018, and shipments will reach 132.9 million. By 2022, shipments will reach 219.4 million, and the average annual compound growth rate will reach the next five years. 13.4%. In 2022, two out of every five wearable devices were smart watches.

Through continuous improvement of smart watches over the past few years, manufacturers have finally realized that practicality and demand has begun to emerge. At present, the fitness and health of smart watches is still the most attractive feature, but mobile payment and messaging applications are gradually becoming popular. In addition, the cellular networking function has become more and more important for early adopters, and new users have made their watches appear through cellular networking functions, such as streaming music or additional health sensors, making them more attractive. welcome.

In fact, from the performance of 2017, as the Apple Watch Series 3 began to build a cellular networking function, the performance of the overall smart watch began to reverse. So in the next few years, many vendors will inevitably strengthen this function, or turn the cellular-connected watch into a new wearable experience that is independent of smartphones.

As for the demand for fitness wristbands and basic watches, the demand will not disappear, but will gradually shrink. After all, easy to operate and affordable, consumers can still enjoy the benefits of wearable devices. Consumers who don't want to pay a lot of money and want to have a digital health solution will continue to buy a fitness wristband. As for consumers who want to take care of traditional watches and fitness at the same time, and are unwilling to spend big money, they are the diehard people of basic watches.

From the data point of view, it is expected that the proportion of smart watches in the wearable device market will grow in the next few years, is expected to increase from 32.8% in 2018 to 38.3% in 2022; at the same time, the market for fitness wristbands Occupancy will gradually shrink as smart watches continue to thrive, from 36% in 2018 to 22% in 2022. In terms of actual total shipments alone, shipments have increased slightly by 500,000 units in the past five years. In terms of basic smart watches, its share in 218 is 24.4%, and it will rise to 27.1% in 2022. It is also an important product category in wearable devices that is second only to smart watches.

Another thing worth noting is the smart headset. With the rise of intelligent voice assistants, with the launch of AirPods by Apple, and the hardware development of chip makers such as Qualcomm, wireless headsets are increasingly likely to become the rising stars. According to IDC, the proportion of smart headsets in the wearable device market will rise from 2% in 2018 to 6% in 2022, and the average annual compound growth rate for these five years is as high as 48%, which is also among all wearable devices. The highest growth rate.

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