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The Best 14 Games On The Red And White Game Consoles, Do You Have The Gods In Your Heart
Dec 18, 2018

      Entertainment called "video games" was born in just a few decades, during which time countless pioneers continued to explore the boundaries of this interactive art. As a player, our most intuitive impression of a game is its picture. Each host platform has its own high-quality work, which represents the developer's ultimate in hardware performance. Recently, foreign players have taken stock of the 14 best pictures on the FC platform. Let's take a look.


      "Contra", "Final Fantasy 3", "The Return of Batman Clown", "Rad Racer", "The Card of the Stars"... a series of classic works appear in front of you. Although it seems to be very rudimentary from the current point of view, in the 8bit era, it is quite difficult to describe the characters and even the background effects in a dot matrix. After the developer's efforts are finally presented to the players, these works also constitute the childhood of countless people. In today's fast-growing hardware performance, how long will we think of the "strongest picture quality" to become the "simplistic picture" in the next generation?

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