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The Smart Wearables Market Is Still Optimistic, The Key Is The Right Direction
Nov 21, 2018

The smart wearables market is still optimistic, the key is the right direction

      Although wearable devices have become the target of manufacturers since 2012, the development of wearable devices over the years has fallen into a "dead end" unexpectedly. Especially in the second half of last year, people with bad news can not help but emerge one after another, questioning whether the market of wearable devices will have a future.JawboneFitbit is dying down, Intel just quietly shut down its wearables businessAll this seems to suggest that intelligence is grinding to death!

The future of smart wear is still vast, and the key is to find the right direction

      In the early days of the wave, to the current chicken ribs, just a few years, wearable devices are really the end of the road?While many people are singing the praises of smart wearables these days, big data research and analytics companies think they still have more room to grow.Health and fitness still seem to be the most popular wearables app, market research firm IDC reports.If a company can gain insight from growing data volumes, it could become a real business.

      To be honest, we've been doing smart wearables for a long time, and a lot of companies want to do it all, want it all, and it doesn't turn out to be particularly good.The initial novelty, given back to consumers, leaves only one brick, reflecting the pain point of the wearables market that would otherwise have seen so many manufacturers go out of business.In fact, wearable devices currently have a lot of room to develop in many vertical fields such as sports and medical care, but they are still in the exploratory stage and fail to make waves.AppleWatch, for example, is exploring ways to help users ease the burden of chronic diseases, and the move could prompt insurers and apple to pursue such partnerships.Wearables should be aimed at people with special needs, which is also a huge business opportunity.It will also help shift wearables from "good products" to "must-have products."Fitbit, coincidentally, sees opportunities.The company is not only tracking health data, but is also developing sleep disorders to monitor sleep apnea.From this perspective, the future of the wearables market remains promising, but the key is to find the right direction to ignite the next fire point!

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