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Unit 4 In-ear Ring Iron HIFI Headset Tlx-05 Evaluation
Nov 21, 2018

Listening to music is one of many people's favorite things.Night insomnia, you can listen to music to fall asleep quickly;If you have something on your mind, you can listen to the song to relax.Somebody says "bag" cure 100 ill, want me to say how can music cure 90.

I started to like music probably from the time of May Day band. Think of those years, the fake walkman of more than 30 yuan, the bad earplug of 2 yuan, plus the pirated tape of 3 yuan, sound accompanied by "crackling", still occasionally memory flash.Can you recall how many times you liked music?

Without further ado, today I'd like to share with you an absolute listening device: mantis man technology's 4-unit in-ear ring iron HIFI headset TLX-05

I. Open the packaging


Looking at the packaging part of the product is more concise, and seeing the appearance of tlx-05, it is estimated that some people have already guessed why this tlx-05 is a little special, for the convenience of the narration, which will be discussed below.

On the back of the box, you can see the impedance of 32 ohms, the sensitivity of 99dB and the frequency response of 20-400000. The core parameters of the product can be seen at a glance.

II. Partial display of headset

The cavity of the mantis man TLX-05 is actually made of metal, but it is less visible after sandblasting, like matte finish.

When the light is good, it is still some to see a head, filter net is ok and easy to discharge come, line is ok also change, outside the cavity surface looks to have little burr place, even the interface of MMCX also has pretty good become color.

Lug design, transparent silver-coated wire is pleasing to the eye, the standard MMCX joint is no joke;

Very high level of appearance of copper - silvered wire, no line control board, the inclusion index is ok.

III. Personal subjective feelings sharing

Although the mantis man TLX-05 has two laps and two iron mixing units, it is also an entry-level HIFI product, so I will use the phone as usual to push directly to see if it is suitable for the phone to push directly.

The mantis tlx-05 did not show strong low frequency in listening to the music of the biased rock music of may moon, it has a good sound field and instrumental separation, the sound bottom is also heavy, but the degree of delicacy needs to be polished.As with the low frequency, its voice also shows a strong flavor, and the analysis needs to be improved, but the position is good. The adjustment of the whole medium and low frequency is very experienced. Although the ear is scratched and there is no obvious distortion, the advantage of the ring iron mixture is shown.

IV. Overall summary

The mantis man TLX-05 moving-coil section USES a new graphene unit currently being calculated, which gives it a guaranteed analytical and acoustic field, but only requires a suitable front end.

Moreover mantis man tlx-05 itself, its quality potential is some, as a 4-cell hoop iron mixture, after the three-point frequency modulation, its three frequency is still balanced, style is partial omnivorous, there are still problems, but I think it in the middle and high frequency modulation is more excellent.There is nothing wrong with wearing. This type of ear ring can be worn without any sense of inconsistency. As I am accustomed to the ear type, I can wear my ears in the afternoon without any abnormal feeling.



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