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What Practical Intelligent Home Will There Be In The Future?
Nov 23, 2018

In recent years, smart home fried hot, but only a "smart" coat of the "false intelligence", some too complex, but not free hands and feet, enjoy life, intelligent products really practical.


What is the consumer favorite, by the market recognized practical intelligent home security products?



1. Intelligent door lock

Intelligent door lock is the first step that opens intelligent household, it has become the most popular intelligent household product.Intelligent door lock, as the most practical intelligent household products, is well deserved.Smart door lock supports fingerprint unlock, password unlock, magnetic card unlock, mobile phone induction unlock, remote unlock and other unlock methods.Throw away the keys, throw away the trifles, and open the door easily.In addition, anti-theft pry effect is better.


2. Smart cat eyes

Clever cat is to install go up in door of guard against theft, replace traditional eye and can develop the function of powerful remote monitor, alarm, real-time view intelligence sheet article, because its powerful function, can use alone, the price is cheap, already became intelligent household to defend a product at present, very practical.


A smart cat eyes, after installation, you can switch the door of the daily record, also can be in front of the big into the monitoring area, when someone Shadowed, his behavior can be recorded completely, you can also call the police, when he broke the door alarm synchronization, send information to cell phone users, allows users to know someone, immediately destroy his own door, emergency treatment in a timely manner.


3. intelligent door magnetic

Master is not at home without the person, we can set the "protection", as long as someone to open the door, the door trigger, to master the opportunity to send out alarm information of mobile phones, several groups of alarm telephone to dial the preset telephone dial-up alarm linkage, linkage can also open the light alarm and shrill whistle, scaring off illegal invaders, is your "personal security".


4. Intelligent infrared

Intelligent infrared detector is a sensor used to detect human activities, as long as the human movement, in the case of deployment, with the same alarm function and magnetometer.


5. Intelligent gateway

Intelligent gateway, just like the function of network router, connects intelligent device in the family, intelligent home is indispensable.


6. Smart light bulbs

Smart bulb, white light and lantern two.A white brightness mode sets different lights, you can set a variety of colors, and can save their brightness or color of love, can be used with other smart home, through the control of the mobile phone, for the sleeping baby under the bed off the light, turn off the light of the warm bed on a cold night, enjoy the intelligent life well.Temperature and humidity meter IC electronic product development program company

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