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Why Do Many Smart Watches Have To Be Designed With Black Edges?
Nov 09, 2018

Although the existence of the black side does have a certain impact on the aesthetics of smart watches, such a design is actually a last resort, just like the truth of the black side of a smart phone. After all, on a small smart watch, there are too many collections. Sensors, otherwise many functions can not be achieved, and manufacturers can only try to maximize the reduction of black areas. Let's take a look at the related content with the embedded Xiaobian.

For example, in some smart watches, the light sensor and the distance sensor are installed at the bottom of the screen. In fact, it is a very practical function, that is, the hand-up bright screen function, and in any situation, you only need to cover the whole piece with the palm of your hand. When the watch screen is in, it will go directly to the standby interface. This is the distance sensor.

Moreover, the light sensor can also adjust the brightness of the watch according to the light of the surrounding environment, so that the brightness is not necessary when the light is dark, and the power saving effect is achieved. When the ambient light is too high, Automatically increase the brightness, which makes it easier for you to view the content and time.

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