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Cultivation Table Lamp Smart Flower Pot

1. Model: TLX-91
2. Material: plastic
3. Style: Scandinavian style
4. Applicable space: desktop ground
5. Suitable object: flowers / green plant

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Product Parameter

1. Model: TLX-91

2. Material: plastic

3. Style: Scandinavian style

4. Applicable space: desktop ground

5. Suitable object: flowers / green plants

6. Size: 10cm

7. Package size: 450mm*175mm*120mm

8. Power supply mode: computer USB interface, mobile phone adapter;

9. Input voltage: 5V

10. Current: 0.9-2A

11. Actual power: 2.5W

12. Light source: LED

Product packaging contents:

1. USB soilless implant;

2. 100ml bottle of nutrient solution;

3. Refining stone;

4. Seedlings;

Create beautiful intentions

Flowers and you

All deserve better "Flower Planter".

Nordic wind USB table lamp planting flowerpot

Life can be as beautiful as flowers.

There is no trace of time, but your brightness and beauty.

Design with your heart, every detail for the ultimate.

1, the world's first USB interface implant device, suitable for all USB interfaces, greatly facilitate your use.

2, touch switch, creative eardrop touch, silver necklace, excellent visual and manipulation experience.

3, set the value hole, ensure seedling value in the middle of the flower pot, complete the seed seedling value in a few seconds.

4, imitating marble lampholder, concealed base design, showing the beauty of modern art;

5, water storage basin, abrasive and translucent material processing, water level is clear at a glance;

Select global quality materials to provide better planting experience;

1. Full-spectrum LED: High color, no stroboscopic, the application of optical lens technology to ensure that each beam of light can be fully utilized. More situational models meet everyday needs.

2. Full-effect nutrient solution: divided into A/B solution, the proportion of A/B solution can be adjusted according to different growth stages of plants to meet the needs of growth and flowering. It can also adjust and compare pH value according to different water quality. Adopt polymer technology, easy to absorb and strong pH value stability.

3. Planting fossils: the best and most textured planting substrate in the world, clean, environmentally friendly, fashionable and reusable.

High water holding capacity, even if there is no water in the storage basin, can guarantee 3-5 days of water supply.

High nutrient content ensures that every nutrient can be absorbed by plants.

High porosity and complete water saturation can also ensure good air permeability of plant roots and make root growth healthier.

Selection of plant species:

Starry sky, peppermint, Platycodon grandiflorum and purple grass


Q:What is your minimum order quantity?

A:For high value products, it can vary according to customer requirements, but for OEM, our minimum order is 500 PCs.

Q:Can I know about after-sale customer service?

A:We have professional develop department and Bluetooth engineers, quick handle technical problem. Strictproduction line, to keep quality and delivery. Professional customer service team, to deal with all problem after yourpurchase.

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