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Multi-function Portable Car Emergency Jump Starter

1. Car emergency start appromately 50 times when fully charged
2. Start the car immediately even in cold weather
3. Bright lighting 100 hours
4. Detonation flash up to 60 hours
5. SOS signal 220 hours

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Product Features:
1. Car emergency start appromately 50 times when fully charged
2. Start the car immediately even in cold weather
3. Bright lighting 100 hours
4. Detonation flash up to 60 hours
5. SOS signal 220 hours
6. Charge smart mobile phone full ten times.
(Data cable can be used for IPHONE/ IPAD/SAMSUNG /HTC / MOTOROLA etc..)
7. Laptop power supply 4 hours
8. 1/20 size of the old jump starter
9. 3 to 5 years lifetime(3000 times cycle time)
10. Rechargeable, convenient (with wall & car adapter)


12000mah Portable Mini Car Jump Starter





Power Supply:

Jump start 12V vehicle, Mobile Phone, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5, Camera, Pocket PC, PDA, Ipad, Laptop, LED Light, burst flashing, SOS light, Car pump for gasoline and diesel oil car




5V/2A, 12V/2A, 16V/3.5A, 19V/3.5A, 12V/200A, 12V Jump start

Start Current:


Peak Current:


LED light:

LED light, burst flashing, SOS light

Cycle Time:


Operating Temp:


Storage Temp:


Product Size:


Tool Box Size:




Kit include:

1* Home charger
1* Car charger
1* 3 in 1 Mobile connectors (Mini, Micro, iP4, iP5, iP6)
8* Laptop connectors +1*swtich cable
1* Compressor for automobile type


1. Do make the blue plug into the jump starter socket tightly when jump start the vehicle. If not, it can't jump start the vehicle, and even make the joint melt.

2. Do check whether the battery clamps well connected; battery connector rusted, dirty if the vehicle can not be started. Jump start again after cleaning. Do not continue to jump start if 3 times no successfully. If not, it will damage the product. Do check the vehicle for other reasons.

3. Do remove the product from the vehicle within 30s after the vehicle started. If not, it may lead dangerous.

4. Do not connect the two clamps, if not, it may lead dangerous.

5. Do not decompose product. If not, it may lead dangerous.

Start Steps

1. Open the engine cover of the car and take out of the car jump starter from the box.

2. Connect the red clamp to the vehicle's battery positive (+) terminal and connect the black clamp to the vehicle's battery negative (-) terminal, then power on the jump starter.
Start the vehicle.

3. After the vehicle started, please take the jump clamps off from the car jump starter and please do not connect the red and black clamps to the car battery in 30s.

Q1: What is jump starter for?
A1: Starting dead 12V/24V vehicle; Starting dead motorcycle, sleigh, yacht.Charging mobile phone, pad, MP5, laptop etc; SOS, working light,safety hammer, wireless charge, quick charge etc.

Q2: Are you sure it can start vehicle?
A2: Sure. It is totally different from traditional heavy dry battery jump starter. It adopts latest Li-Polymer battery, having super strong peak current to start vehicle instantaneously.

Q3: How long will it take to charge itself full?
A3: about 4 hours.

Q4: How long will it take to charge phone full?
A4: One and half an hours. And 2017 year, we launch wireless quick charge version, phone will be full charged within 40 minutes.

Q5: How long time does it last after full charged?
A5: 3 months, if you not use it long time, make sure charge it every 3 month.

Q6: What is your warranty?
A6: 12 months warranty,new free replacement for broken items in next order.

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