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Ultra Slim Double Port Power Bank

Model: TLX-62
Type: Emergency / Portable
Compatible Brand: Universal
Battery Capacity(mAh): 10001-15000
Socket Type: Others

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Product Details

Model: TLX-62

Type: Emergency / Portable

Compatible Brand: Universal

Battery Capacity(mAh): 10001-15000

Socket Type: Others

Model Number: VSPB207


Capacity: 15000mAh

Input: 5V, 2A  

USB Output: 2 x USB 

Smart Output1: 5V 2.4A 

Smart Output2: 5V 2.4A 

charge rate is 2.4 times faster up to 4.0 times

Package includes: 

1 x VINSIC 15000mAh Power Bank 

1 x 2.0A USB Cable (iPhone cable not included) 

1 x User Manual

1 x 18 Months Warranty Card

Product Description

15000mAh Ultra-slim Power Bank is Our brand Star Product  15000mAh Ultra-slim Power Bank new genneration design with two Smart USB output ports will quickly and effectively help to solve the low power problem for your digital.

One: the aluminum alloy metal shell is used, the ultra-thin fuselage is only 13MM.

Two: touch the LCD to display the current power.

Three: dual USB when available, output MAX4.0A.

Four: stop output when charging.

1. Does 15000mah power bank have the Warranty? How long?

we are offering 18 months warranty; Warranty starts from the date of your purchase

2. power bank 15000 mah uses LG Lithium-Polymer battery, I want to know what is difference with other power bank seller ?

The battery of power bank with 2 types: 1.Lithium-Polymer 2.Lithium-Ion(18650)


Pros: Latest technology, Less warmer, Non-flammable, Non-explosive, Stable and Safe, Slightly

Cons: Cost is high


Pros: Easy to get "hot" or simply warmer than expected, Flammable and Explosive

Cons: smaller in size

power bank 15000mah not only uses the Lithium-Polymer battery, but also chooses the best battery brand LG, with the newest LG technology, in order to make sure our customers' 100% safety.

3. Does your 15000mah power bank have the real capacity?

It is well-known brand Power Bank Company, we declare the real capacity for all power bank we sell.

4. What the size  and weight of this 15000mah Vinsic power bank?

To describe it more vividly, the size just like half size of a Magazine is   112.33*164.1*12.8mm  . The weight is about 600g.

5. How many times can charger my phone?

Number of charges equals = (Power capacity of Power Bank* battery conversion efficiency* phone inner core conversion efficiency (80%))/ the capacity of mobile phone battery

Take iPhone 6 for example:

capacity of Power Bank: 15000mAh

power bank conversion efficiency: 3.7V/5V

Phone inner core conversion efficiency: 80%

The capacity of iPhone6 battery: 1810 mAh

(15000mAh x 3.7/5*80%)/1810=4.9

So 15000mAh Power bank, the total Number of Charger of iPhone 6 is 5 times.

The capacity of commonly mobile phone batteries

iPhone4S: 1470mAh , iPhone5: 1440mAh, iPhone5s: 1560mAh, iPhone6: 1810mAh, iPhone6 Plus: 2915mAh.

Samsung GALAXY Note: 2500mAh, Samsung Galaxy Note: 3000mAh, Samsung S4/S5:2600mAh

6. How can I charge this power bank?

We have a charging cable together with power bank; connect this cable to any USB charger that can charge our power bank.

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