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Quadrocopter development program

Quadcopter Development Program

Perfect design, stable mechanical properties, and diversified operation methods give you a sense of flying. 

Product size: Mini, medium, X5C, 6 axis, 9 axis. 

Lasting flying time: 6-8 minutes. 

Battery parameters: 3.7v 300mAh/500mAh lithium battery 

Charging time: 1 hour or so 

Hollow cup motor: starting current 2-3a, speed no load: 50000RPM


Plan Details:

Quad aerocraft is a kind of multi-rotor aerocraft. The four propellers are simple mechanisms with direct motor connection. The cruciform layout allows the aircraft to obtain the force of rotating body by changing the motor speed, so as to adjust its posture.

The basic motion principles of aircraft include vertical motion, pitch motion, roll motion, yaw motion, front and back motion, and yaw motion.

The small quadcopter can freely realize the hovering and free movement in space, which has great flexibility. In addition, because of its simple structure and good mechanical stability, it is cheap and cost-effective. The main applications are toys, models, and aerial photography, and new applications are being expanded.Provide a complete design of quadcopter.


Function Introductions:

1. One button is inverted;

2. 3D tumbling skills;

3. 3D big movements;

4. Posing as a pheasant standing on one foot, independent rotating stunt;

5. Throw at any angle;

6. High setting function;

7. Set point tumbling in 360 degrees in four directions;

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