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Smartwatch development program

Integrated smart watch solution service

We have been committed to the development of smart watch solutions, we use design to win business opportunities for you

Smartwatch designer

R&d of software and hardware solutions, structural design, assembly test and accessories packaging for smartwatch

Brand and channel business:

With independent brands and sales channels, mature smart watch ODM, OEM products

Service target:

Children, the elderly, adults, pets

Product appearance design:

Design industry hot style products for customers, and improve product quality by design;

APP customization development:

Only simple enough and stable enough can make users of different ages get the best experience.

Background function customization:

The company has independently developed a million-level user platform, and takes brand, ease of use, operation and extension as the measurement standard of products.

Hardware PCBA design:

Senior hardware team, on the premise of realizing the same function, can control the overall cost of hardware to the minimum;

Embedded development:

Based on multiple bluetooth chip platforms, stable communication processing, unique algorithm of step counting, heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, etc.

Finished machine assembly:

With perfect production process and standardized management of professional management elites in communication industry, I have accumulated a variety of advanced assembling experience and quality assurance.

Smart watch solutions for children

All-powerful and high-end smart watch for children, baby growth partner, good helper for parents and happy teacher

Accurate positioning, emergency call, white list, voice intercom, anti-shedding, two-way communication;

Language time zone, remote listening, flight mode, electronic fence, track playback, bluetooth protection;

Alarm clock, color screen touch, friends, spin photo, synchronization course, encyclopedia;

Early education games, pedometer, ultra-low radiation, remote shutdown, multi-language, love awards;

Disable classes, voice chat, sleep monitoring, sync calendar, SMS push, restore factory Settings.

Precise positioning:

GPS, LBS, WIFI, real-time accurate positioning, 24-hour track tracking

Track playback:

Easy to understand children's track, for children safe navigation

Look at your child's daily journey, understand your child's track easily, check your child's walking route at any time, avoid potentially dangerous routes, and protect your child's safety.

Electronic fence:

Safety electronic fence, set range, automatic alarm for crossing

The parent's PC or mobile APP sets the safe range of children's activities. Once the child enters or leaves the preset area, the alarm will be triggered and you will be notified timely through the mobile client.

Two-way communication:

A watch can also be a mobile phone

Remote listening:

One side can hear the baby around the voice, real-time control of the child information

The elderly smart watch solution

Parents gradually aging face, record to accompany us through the long years, now we come to protect you.

Functional description:

Blood pressure detection, heart rate detection, emergency rescue, independent communication, precise positioning;

Exercise step, sleep monitoring, sitting reminder, voice chat, vibration;

Electronic fence, track playback, alarm reminder, remote sound pickup, opera play;

Radio radio, weather information, news promotion, low electricity reminder, life waterproof.

Blood pressure and heart rate detection:

Monitor blood pressure and heart rate in real time, and know the physical condition anytime and anywhere

SOS key

One button distress call to give you more security

Precise positioning:

Multiple safety positioning techniques, parents travel in the palm of your hand

Action track: the track is played for better understanding;

Electronic fence: set up safe activity area;

Voice chat: family group chat, multi-person chat;

One key for help: emergency one key for help, convenient and fast;

Two-way communication: video phone book, two-way communication.

Sleep monitoring:

Sleep quality testing, carefully take care of your sleep health.

Two-way communication:

A watch can also be a mobile phone with a separate SIM card.


Adult smartwatch solutions

Androgynous style, wrist structure

Functional parameters:

Precise positioning, 4G network, motion meter step, puzzle game, video chat;

Web browsing, two-way communication, electrical control, television control, security monitoring;

Air conditioning control, lighting control, intelligent door lock, curtain control, anti-loss reminder;

Calendar display, sleep monitoring, heart rate detection, blood pressure detection, QQ;

WeChat, photograph, stopwatch, music, calculator;

WeChat, QQ can chat naturally

The information on the smart phone, received and sent by WeChat and QQ, can be synchronously reminded and viewed on the watch. Direct voice reply makes communication easier.

Intelligent control:

Intelligent center, intelligent door lock, intelligent lighting, intelligent curtain, intelligent switch, intelligent socket, intelligent audio-visual, intelligent security, intelligent home appliances.

The lost to remind

The distance between the watch and the mobile phone is more than 1 meter.

It also lets the phone ring to locate the watch.

Precise positioning:

GPS+LBS+WIFI triple positioning is adopted to realize all-weather real-time positioning tracking.

Kinemometer step:

Help you monitor each movement, distance, step count, energy expenditure, etc.

GPS portable locator

Product features:

Precise positioning, compact size, IP67 waterproof, extra long standby, electronic fence;

Track playback, movement meter step, heart rate detection, blood pressure detection, sleep monitoring;

Low power reminder, alarm reminder, remote sound pickup, luggage anti-loss, exquisite hanging decorations;

Precise positioning:

It provides GPS, base station, WIFI and other positioning methods, which are suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes, and has excellent positioning performance: high positioning accuracy, wide coverage, small network positioning request flow, and fast positioning speed.

Delicate and compact: portable design, delicate and compact, convenient to carry;

IP67 waterproof: waterproof, dustproof and shockproof

Long standby: the standby is 40 days long, with large capacity, adopts polymer battery, ensures safety and provides low power reminder.

4 days of normal use of standby, the standby time can be up to 40 days, with large capacity. Polymer battery is adopted to ensure safety. When the power is low, the locator will be intelligently dormant and be reminded.

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