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WIFI light control solution program

WIFILamp Control Solution Program

In addition to traditional IR and RF remote control technology, currently the market is using WIFI network to control products, such as WIFI lamp control products. With WIFI, your phone or tablet can be used as a remote control to control the lighting in your home. The application of WIFI technology will bring convenience to everyone's life and make life more interesting.


Plan details

There are two solutions to realize intelligent lamp control:

Solution 1: the lamp receiver is equipped with WIFI module, which is directly controlled by the mobile App through the WIFI router at home.

Solution 2: at the receiving end of lamps and lanterns with only 2.4 G module, mobile phone or a remote control device control the lamps and lanterns via a transfer device. This solution is suitable for controlling multiple lamps and lanterns, because 2.4 G module is much cheaper than the WIFI module. It can reduce the cost of the lamps and lanterns, mobile phone or remote control transmitting to transit equipment, transfer device after receiving the signal transmission to the lamps and lanterns. The 2.4 G can realize to control the function of multiple lamps and lanterns.

To cooperate with the WIFI lamp control product, we designed and developed the App (BRGlight) for remote control lamps on mobile phones and tablets. This App can support android and IOS. After installing the App, users can easily control the color and flicker of lights on the phone, and even control all appliances at home in the future.


Function Introduction:

4 control modes of BRGlight App:

Mode 1: color ring control

Color ring left half circle display brightness, right half circle display color. You can choose your favorite color in the color ring.

Mode 2: built-in mode

Built-in 20 lighting effects, users can quickly choose their favorite colors and lighting methods.

Mode 3: music mode

You can select your preferred music from the phone's local music and the LED will adjust the flashing frequency and brightness according to music's rhythm and volume.

Mode 4: custom pattern

Users can set their own color preferences and define the color sequence, flicker frequency, fade effect, etc.

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